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Bhaskar Hande
New Age Digital Productions with tradition, modernity and Art Environment

When one considers either, the structure of a painting, the color or the subject matter, it is quite common to be disappointed with at least one of those factors within the painting. Of course ones brief differs from person to person and the importance of any one of the above considerations may also differ, and so it should.

When I first saw the paintings of Bhaskar Hande, I was impressed. I had found an artist, relatively unknown in Europe, whose paintings generally satisfied all of the aforementioned areas.

Firstly the question of structure is answered differently in each painting. There is not the stricture; of the 'golden section' with clinical regimentation, instead, with intuitive sensitivity, Bhaskar seems to find an equilibrium in his paintings that would satisfy most.

Again, the colours used in Bhaskar's painting give a satisfaction that I rarely experience. Having sat for prolonged periods in the 'Rothko Room' at the Tate Gallery I have absorbed the wonderful waves of subtle colour that emanate from the great mans paintings, my standards for such have been set very high. Although Bhaskar has an obvious respect for the physics of colour and the juxtaposition of one colour with another etc., he introduces a subtle nuance of colour within each painting that gives that extra magic.

Although I mention the 'subject matter' consideration lastly, I only do so because it is the cohesive component that brings everything together. Most of the paintings have titles that are very personal to the artist and only hint at the message. The rest is for you to interpretate after affording a little time to observe. Here also we have an artist that paints with words. His poetry is very important to him and conveys his attitude to the metaphysical world and one can easily see the natural evocation into his paintings.

I look forward to his next exhibition when I can, if the moment allows, sit in front of my favourite Bhaskar Hande painting and feel satisfaction and peace.

James V Corless BA